How to Get the Most from of a Psychic Reading  Seattle

Getting the most from a psychic reading Seattle is not an easy task. You want to be sure that the psychic reader that you choose really is psychic, as there are a lot of phony’s out there.

What should be the Outcome of a Good Psychic Reading?

A good psychic reading will be a lot more than just telling your fortune. It will provide you with real insight into your life, and will confirm whether you are on the right path or not to achieve your dreams.

It should provide you with a quick look at what is ahead for you, and whether or not you should continue on the current path you are taking. From this you can decide whether to change direction in order to create a happier life for yourself.

How can you participate in a Psychic Reading?

There are several ways in which you can obtain a psychic reading. The most popular of these is a face to face meeting with a psychic. This method of psychic reading is preferred by the majority as you will meet the psychic in person and interact with them during your reading session. It is recommended as the best way to receive a psychic reading.

If you just select a psychic at random they might provide you with a cold reading based on your body language rather than a reading that is genuine. Get referrals from others before attending a face to face meeting with a psychic.

It may not be convenient for you to visit psychics in Seattle all of the time. A psychic reading over the telephone is a good alternative if you can’t meet face to face. The psychics that offer this service are often genuine, as they will be able to tap into your energies and will not be able to con you with cold readings as you are not sitting opposite them.

But phone readings can have their drawbacks. Most of these services operate on a pay per minute basis, and you can find that some psychics will use tactics to prolong the conversation to bump up the cost. Taking a long time to shuffle Tarot cards and other devious tricks can be employed to make you pay more. So go for phone psychics that stick to a set time limit at a fixed price.

The last, and least preferred option, is to use the Internet. In this scenario you will receive readings via email. Some phony psychics will send you a reading that is full of generalities that are at best vague. They use scripts to send out to all those that participate in their readings.

Spotting Fraudulent Psychics

Don’t just choose any psychic or you could end up being conned. As stated before, get a recommendation from someone that you trust if possible. With face to face psychic readings there are two powerful ways of spotting a fraudulent psychic:

  1. If you are told by a psychic that a curse has been placed on you and that you will need to return for several more sessions so that it can be removed – run a mile. This is a frequently used scam that you need to be aware of. A genuine psychic will remove the curse without charge.
  2. Trust your intuition as it is very powerful. If the psychic reading just doesn’t feel right then don’t go back. Your intuition is there to protect you, and if you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right then stay away.

Preparing for a Psychic Reading

Once you have found a genuine psychic then get yourself prepared before a reading to get the most from it. You will want to ask questions so write these down and take them with you. It is inevitable that some of the questions will branch out as the reading progresses, but do not turn up for a reading without questions that you need answers to.

What can you expect from a Good Psychic Reading Seattle?

A good psychic reading is likely to touch upon a number of different areas of your life. From a personal perspective, a good psychic will discuss your strengths and how to improve them and your weaknesses and how to eradicate them.

If you want to discuss your love life then your psychic will be able to confirm if you have already found your soul mate. If your current relationship is not good then your psychic can advise on how to deal with this.

Your career or business can also be talked about, and the psychic should be able to tell you if there are any energies blocking your path to success. They will also advise you on the right decisions to make in your job or business. Your family and social life, as well as your health, may also be discussed.

Now that you know how to get the most out of a psychic reading Seattle you should be confident enough to book a reading today.





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