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“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.”

~Steve Jobs

Conversations like finding out that your work position will be eliminated or having your family doctor confirm your health suspicion always “hits you in the head with a brick” – no matter how much you may have prepared for it.

You are probably familiar with this saying, “Life is God’s gift to us. What we do with it is our gift to God.” At times, and despite all our efforts and devotion to make the best of all the uncertainty in life, we simply need to hear that we will be fine. Or we need validation because, despite the subtle inner voice of truth, we still feel weak and vulnerable; not quite strong and confident enough.

I have decided to use my psychic gifts beyond the areas of my teaching and coaching practices to help bring peace and ease emotional pains when it is the most needed; when there is a sense of urgency for clarity and confirmation. When you know you are finally ready.

I am equally clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. This means that I see, I hear, and I feel very strongly what others’ eyes, ears and feelings do not venture to uncover because of their human limitations.

My first vivid psychic experience took place when I was 12. I was riding the bus home for the weekend from the boarding school where I was staying. The night before I began my journey, I had a vivid dream in which my younger brother’s nanny was murdered. This tragedy was confirmed as soon as I arrived at my parents’ home. I saw, I heard, and I felt what happened to Domina, our beloved nanny, through my dreams the night before.

Another time, several years later and in my first life experience as a university student in the United States, I was walking in a shopping mall a few blocks from where I lived. As I entered the shopping mall and came to the right-hand corner store, I saw myself standing in a particular store as if I were the proprietor of a new store in that same spot. That moment I had clarity; I knew I would build and operate a business here. Surely, six months after I experienced that very profound gut feeling, the sports shop closed and six months after that, I opened a jewelry store. This was my very first business operation – that grew out of a gut-feeling I experienced in a store I had never been in before.

For me, it was about clarity. For all of us… for you, there is always the best set of circumstances, despite the seemingly insurmountable negative feelings you seem to attract. You can experience peace and ease as you transition through your life changes, at work or in your personal life. The hard part is getting started.

I invite you to take your first step. For a reading, a channeling, and a telephone healing session; simply get in touch with us. Your centered-ness, your peace and your joy matter.

“Perhaps they are not stars but rather the love of our loved ones”

~Author unknown

Life without death is no life. Death is another form of life.

Is this a truth? To some, yes. Even so, the truth still hurts. Sometimes, the truth is that someone so loving, so caring, and so dear to our heart just passed, leaving us “lifeless.”

This is exactly how my mother felt when my loving father passed away in a tragic bulldozer accident. This horrific event happened at the exact time he was supposed to meet us at a restaurant. My father was a passionate and driven entrepreneur, as he owned several businesses. This particular day he made a change of plan and decided to join his road construction workers for just a few hours before he joined us for lunch at the restaurant. He never arrived.

Instead, our family doctor slipped into the restaurant and briskly walked toward our table with the news. To say we were shocked is an understatement. My father was a healthy, vibrant man! As you can imagine, my mother was devastated and became very depressed. Her depression lasted for many, many years. So moved by this tragic, yet profound experience, I began using my gifts to help others.

You see, exactly one month prior to my father’s accident. I dreamed that he was having an accident, almost exactly as he did. But I dismissed the message. I unconsciously blocked the clarity I experienced because I did not want to believe it.

For almost twelve years from my father’s tragic passing I attended to my mother’s needs, helping her to adjust to her new life and navigate through all the unanswered questions that emerged into her consciousness. Her most frequent questions were: “Why?” “Why did you leave now?” “How am I to live now?”

During this devastating and transitional time, I experienced a deepening of my psychic abilities; as no other doors would open as wide as through my extra-sensory perceptions.

I was able to help my mother find answers through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I had frequent lucid dreams of conversations with my father to help my mother heal from the trauma.

It has been over twenty years now. My mother is in a much better state of mind. She never met another companion to share her young life with. She never wanted to. When my father passed, they were both in their forties and perhaps she thought she was too old to marry again.

Through the years, my mother gained a new understanding of the infinite connections we have with our departed loved ones. She feels his presence every day now and lives in the peace of their new relationship.

I have helped many friends and clients connect with their departed loved ones. If you feel it is an experience for you to establish peace in your heart or because (like my mother) many conversations were left incomplete, reach out and contact me.

In addition, if you feel inspired to, visit my page “Soul Stories.” Stories of departed loved ones and connections with those on this side of life are here to lift your spirit and light up your heart.

In Love and Light.



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