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Product Description

The Power of Intention Program is a 8 session series. Each session is 90 minutes long. The Power of Intention program (POE) is available independently from the Power of Intuition and the Power of Manifestation programs. However, it is much more powerful when one has completed POI because the teachings are integrated in POE.

In the Power of Intention program, you learn to uncover your true essence, discover your purpose and map out a winning strategy to create a life aligned with who you truly are; thus, the essential role the I AM Presence and Essence play in this program.

When you sign up and enroll for POE, you receive the I AM Gift Set of CD, Affirmation Card Deck and Velvet Pouch. You also receive the workbook, a valuable tool which guides you through every step until the completion of the program.

The NLP methods for success strategy is a key factor in this program. If you feel unsatisfied with your present work or relationship or at a loss, thePower of Intention is for you.

Program Policy

Please choose consciously. There are no refunds on any of the group and one-on-one teaching programs. Opt for the 30-minute telephone interview or email for additional information if necessary prior to purchasing a program. In addition, read the Testimonial Page. To Your Brilliant Life!