increase self esteem5 Ways That You Can Increase Self Esteem

The way that you think and feel about yourself is more important than anything. So tackling low self esteem is vital for you to create a bright future for yourself. In this article you will learn 5 ways that you can increase self esteem and feel so much better about yourself. The steps are easy so let’s get on with it shall we?

Take The Self Esteem Test with a Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment

If you believe that you are totally useless and a waste of space then this will become your reality. You need to break out of this way of thinking because it simply isn’t true. Wallowing in self pity will do nothing for your self respect. Accept that everyone is useless from time to time and move on.

Get yourself a pen and paper and draw a line down the middle. Write “Strengths” on the left and “Weaknesses” on the right. Now think of ten strengths and weaknesses that you have. It may be a struggle for you to come up with ten strengths but persevere with this.

To help you with this you can reflect on what others have said about you in the past. Maybe they commented on how you were a good listener, or how your help was invaluable to get something done at work. Turn these into strengths and add them to your list. It might be easier for you to list ten weaknesses, but you will be boosted by the fact that you have at least ten strengths as well.

How to Increase Self Esteem through Realistic Expectations

If you set an unrealistic goal for yourself and then fail to achieve it your self esteem can be impacted. If you want to be a millionaire then don’t expect to achieve this by Thursday. If you do not get anywhere close to your unrealistic goals then this will fuel the flames of negativity and low self worth.

Be careful even with minor expectations. If your spouse criticizes you about almost everything, just wishing that they would stop doing this is totally unrealistic. Discuss this with them and let them know the impact that this is having on you. Will this make them stop criticizing you immediately? It’s unlikely, so you just need to accept that this change will take more time.

If you fail to achieve an important goal that you have set, the most natural thing to do is to give yourself a good mental berating. Even if your goal is realistic things can go wrong and it may take a little longer. Just learn from this and stop berating yourself.

How to Increase Self Esteem by Accepting Imperfection

If you are a perfectionist then you will never reach the levels of self esteem that you desire. Nobody is perfect, but all of us dream about having the perfect life that includes the perfect partner, the perfect home, the perfect car and so on. The media doesn’t help with this and it continually pushes this concept. But a perfect life simply doesn’t exist.

Instead of reveling in perfection, revel in your achievements! When you accomplish something new make a note of it. If it was particularly challenging then write that down too. You can reflect on these achievements regularly to give your increase self esteem a much needed boost.

Everyone makes mistakes so when this happens to you look at it positively and learn and grow. Making a mistake does not make you useless – if that was true then everybody would be useless.

How to Build Self Esteem by Living in the Present

Reflecting on the past all of the time is a surefire way to damage your self esteem. You did stupid things years ago and they are still haunting you today. Also if you were good at something back in the day but can’t do it now so what? If you excelled at math in College but can’t figure out simultaneous equations now does that matter? Unless you are a mathematics teacher – probably not.

Focus your energy on what matters today and in the future. The past has gone and you can refer to it as a reference, but leave it at that. You need to readjust your self image to align with what is important in your life today, and not what went on in the past.

How to Raise Self Esteem by Forgetting Comparisons with Others

Comparing yourself with others can be a real self esteem killer but so many people do it. The neighbors have a better car than we do, John got his promotion two years before I did, Sally has 5,000 friends on Facebook and I only have 500 and so it goes on. If you continue to compare with others it will only have a damaging impact on your self esteem.

Accept that you cannot rely on comparisons with others being true. The neighbors could be in debt up to their eyeballs for buying that stupid car which is making them very unhappy. John got promotion before you because he cheated on a test and now he will never be promoted again. Sally bought most of her friends and actually has less real friends than you do. Stop comparing with others!

These 5 tips will increase self esteem so you owe it to yourself to embrace them and work on them.


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