How to Gain Self Confidence in 5 Easy Steps

Self confidence is everything. It is a key factor to getting whatever you want form life. Many people want to know how to gain self confidence, and in this guide, you will be shown 5 steps to confidence building that will work for you if you practice them every day. If you want to know how to build self confidence then read on.

Eliminate the Negative and Accentuate the Positive

Building confidence and positivity fit together perfectly. The problem is that our world is full of negativity. This can come from the people around you and in the messages that you have to contend with from the media. Despite this, it is easy to have a positive outlook on life and defend yourself from negativity.

Are their negative people in your life? Sure there are. Can you avoid them forever? Probably not… but you can avoid them for a while especially when you are starting out using these self confidence tips. When you have to deal with negative people and they try and put you down then just think to yourself “that’s just their opinion and it’s not correct”.

Develop a positive enthusiasm and use this in all of your dealings with others. Some people may think that you have gone crazy, but just bat that off as an opinion that is not correct and maintain your positivity. Don’t focus on problems all of the time, concentrate on solutions instead. This will make you feel more positive and confident.

How to Boost Confidence through Image and Body Language

Check out your body language. When you walk are you slumped over as if you are hiding from the rest of humanity? Cut that out and just pull your shoulders back. Others will think that you are a super confident person.

When you meet people smile at them. It will take a bit of practice to do this but when you smile your confidence will increase as you will feel better about yourself, and others will be a lot more comfortable in your company. Self confident people walk with their shoulders back and smile.

When you are talking to people maintain eye contact with them as this exudes confidence. This is different to staring at somebody which can be perceived as an aggressive act. Develop a slower speaking manner as this will make you feel more confident. Don’t go too far with this as you do not want to send people to sleep!

Your image is very important so ditch those out of date clothes and dress nicely. Get a modern hair style and use a little make up or have a clean shave. Changing your image is one of the best confidence building activities out there, and those around you will certainly take notice if you do it right.

How to Gain  Self Confidence by Eliminating Negative Thoughts

If you have negative thoughts swirling around in your head all day then your self confidence will not be high. The good news is that you can stop this. The first thing to do is to stop beating yourself up mentally. Stop telling yourself that you are not good enough or not smart enough or not attractive enough. If you continue to do this then you will become these things.

When negative thoughts appear in your head counter them with positive ones. If the thought is “you are not good enough” then counter this with “yes I am and I can do anything”. Practice this everyday and the negative thoughts will soon disappear.

Failure is not an option with self confident people. One of the best confidence boosters is to believe that there is an answer for everything and that there is always a way. Overcoming difficult challenges using this technique will sky rocket your confidence. Never ever give up!

How to Boost Your Confidence through Taking Action

No matter how painful you believe taking an action will be you will improve your confidence levels if you make the first move. Approaching a person of the opposite sex that you find attractive and talking to them will boost your confidence, and so will approaching a stranger at a business networking event.

If you don’t take action then this will spread doubt and fear and your confidence will take a nose dive. Confident people always take action and will often make the first move. It doesn’t matter if you make a mess of it at first. Learn from your mistakes and keep taking action.

How to get Self Confidence through Preparation

Preparation is important for building confidence. Find out everything there is to know about the business you are in, the clients that you are going to meet, the subject that you will be speaking about and so on. Yes there will be times when you have to just “wing it” but be prepared for most situations.

The steps in this article on how to gain self confidence will work for if you take consistent action.



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