The Advantages of a Personal Life Coach

You may be skeptical about hiring a personal life coach and this is understandable. There are people out there that are claiming to be life coaches that do not have the necessary training, qualifications and experience. But there are true professionals out there in life coaching, and you can find one who will work alongside you and help create a positive life change for you.

Here are some of the many advantages of hiring a personal life coach:

You will get the Results that you want

To really master something it is always a good idea to seek advice and guidance from a professional. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve, a professional life coach can help you. From business or career advancement to health or relationships and dating there is a life coach who will help you to succeed.

For example, a personal dating coach will provide personalized advice and instructions to you so that you will be able to develop the social skills needed to be a winner at dating. Your charisma will be improved and your self confidence enhanced so that you will become a dating expert.

Save your Valuable Time with Life Coaching

There are other ways that you can make the personal change breakthrough that you are looking for. You can buy books or audio and video programs that will teach you how to make the change, but the problem with this is that few follow through on what they learn and it can be very time consuming.

When you work with a life coach you can cut down on the time that is needed to make the change in your life. Time is your most precious resource, so you need to use it in the most efficient way.

There are certainly some very good books and courses available on self improvement, but there are also some poor products as well. Filtering out the good products from the bad ones will take a lot of time. When you have an expert coach on board then all you have to do is follow their advice safe in the knowledge that it will be the very best for you.

The personalized attention that you will receive from a life coach will also save time. Books, programs and seminars cannot provide this personal attention to you. So if you are having some difficulties you will have to spend time figuring out a solution for yourself, or worse you will give up on the change.

Accountability is an Important Component of Life Coaching

Making a challenging personal change requires a great deal of commitment, and if you are just holding yourself accountable it will take a high degree of discipline not to give up on this challenge.

When you give your personal commitment to a life coach that you will follow through on an agreed plan they will hold you to it. This will help most people, as they will be aware that they will have to “report in” to their life coach on progress against the plan. Because of this, the required motivation to follow through will kick in to save them from the embarrassment of reporting failure.

Relying on Friends is not enough

Why not just rely on your friends for support rather than hiring an expensive life coach? There is nothing wrong with asking for the support of your friends when you are trying to make a positive life change but it rarely works well.

Unfortunately friends may have hidden agendas. Not every one of your friends will want you to succeed; in fact they could consider the change that you are trying to make as a threat to them. Once you tell them about the change they may see that this is lacking in their own life, and will get satisfaction from you failing to justify that they themselves didn’t need to make the change.

Some friends will have very good intentions, but the advice that they give you could be flawed. All of your friends will have baggage and will have made a number of mistakes in their lives. Can you really trust that their advice will not harm your chances of succeeding with your life change?

A personal coach will not have hidden agendas or provide flawed advice to you. Their success is your success, so they will work with you so that you can succeed with your life change. You will receive 100% commitment to your personal cause from a good life coach.

Unconditional Life Coaching Support will make the Change easier for you

If making significant life changes was easy then there would be no need for life coaches and everyone would just do it themselves. But the truth is that making personal life changes that will benefit you in the long term is difficult. You will need to push through your comfort zone over and over.

There will be times when you just don’t feel like putting the effort in. Relying on your own personal drive to break through this and move forward may not always work. You will be confronted with many barriers on your journey, and also have to tackle frustrations and doubts. The temptation to quit will be very high.

Your journey through all of this pain and frustration will be a lot easier if you have a personal life coach as an ally. When the going gets tough you will have their support to lean on. You will be persuaded to push through the pain and surge forward. Without the support of a personal life coach, you would have probably given up.


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