Why are some goals so difficult to achieve? Why is sticking to some new year resolutions forgotten within the first thirty days? Why do we feel lethargic, wanting to give up and lacking focus and enthusiasm for the very thing we desire to accomplish? And, more importantly, how can we change our disposition to achieve our goals and more?

One of the major reasons stems from the fact that our behaviors do not match our intentions. While we consciously set goals, and resolve to break bad habits, we behave unconsciously.

You might have heard “we are creatures of habits.” In other words, ALL BEHAVIORAL CHANGE, for a lasting impact, must take place in the unconscious part of our mind.

Time Line Therapy®, a powerful technique created and developed by Dr. Tad James, aims at creating lasting changes in one’s professional and personal life. It is vastly utilized in the business world today to help organizations achieve outstanding performance and results. It has been recognized and utilized as a powerful modality since 1986 in healing fields including psychiatry, psychology, counseling and among thousands of social workers, life and business coaches as well as athlete coaches.

“Your Time Line is how you unconsciously store your memories or how you unconsciously know the difference between a memory from the past and a projection of the future. Behavioral change takes place at an unconscious level. People don’t change consciously. The Time Line Therapy ® techniques allow you to work at the unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences and change “inappropriate” programming in minutes rather than days, months or years.”
Dr. Tad James

A time line therapy® session takes place in my home office, in Lakebay, Washington, USA. I can also travel to your place.

A time line therapy® session lasts about 8 hours. Depending on clients and circumstances, a TLT® session may last longer or may require less time.

Here are some of the limitless benefits of a TLT® session:

  • Great emotional control over your life
  • Burst of anger disappears
  • Unwanted fear disappears
  • Inappropriate sadness disappears
  • Periods of apathy disappears
  • Anxiety disappears
  • Depression disappears
  • Limiting decisions such as “I am not good enough” or “I’ll never be rich” disappear
  • Limiting beliefs such as “There has never been a university graduate in my family; therefore, it is not even worth trying” disappear

Time Line Therapy® is a catalyst for the necessary inner shift and the inevitable external change and life revolution you desire. Time Line Therapy® allows you to move forward toward the realizations of your dreams and goals.

“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”
William James, eminent American psychologist

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro Linguistic Programming brings our attention to the unique language patterns of our thoughts, our speech, and our behavior. It helps us understand how we, internally and unconsciously create our experiences. It helps us eliminate thoughts, speech and behaviors that defeat our goals and desires. And, it helps us replace them with ones that create the results we want and that are compatible and complementary to our individual selves.

In a nut shell, NLP is practical psychology. It looks at where you are now, where you want to be, and what is in the way.

NLP, combined with hypnotherapy, is the most powerful tool utilized in Time Line Therapy® to help you release the emotions, limiting decisions and destructive beliefs that prevent you from living your most powerful and successful life.

What others are saying about NLP.

Steve Andreas (M.A.) says:

  • NLP is the study of human excellence
  • NLP is the ability to be your best more often
  • NLP is the powerful and practical approach to personal change
  • NLP is the new technology of achievement

Sue Knight (author of “NLP at Work”) says:

  • NLP is the study of what works in thinking, language and behavior.
  • NLP is the way of coding and reproducing excellence.

Dr. Tad James says:

  • NLP is the most profound development in the field of human performance improvement.
  • NLP can help you to consistently put into action your drive and your motivation and reach your goals and objectives

I use NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, techniques throughout Time Line Therapy ® sessions to help you decode your unconscious internal language and recode it to create your success strategy, lasting changes, and achieve your highest potential.



I also use NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, techniques throughout Mastery of the Art of Manifestation™.


NLP techniques are also used during my tele-courses (live webinars): The Power of Intention and the Power of Manifestation.

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